If you have a question that is unanswered in this section, please feel free to contact me!

  • When will my order be shipped?
All orders will be shipped within 5-10 business days from when the order is placed. Preorder items will ship whenever they are ready. Please take note of the following shipping schedules here:
International Orders: Ships every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month
Local Singapore Orders: Ships within 10 Business Days

  • Where are you based in?
I am based in Singapore, hence all prices on this store are in SGD.

  • How are you packaging the pins?

All pins will come with a backing card in an OPP bag. All orders will be shipped in a bubble wrap mailer.

If you'd like to request that I use less packaging (ie, no OPP bag, no backing card) please let me know. I will not be liable should the product be damaged.


  • I haven't received my package after 2 weeks.
I am not responsible and will not replace or refund any lost, stolen or delayed parcels. Once it has left my hands, the amount of time it'll take to reach you is out of my control. As such, do consider getting the tracked mail option.
Packages can sometimes take up to 6 weeks to be delivered. If you have not received your package, you are advised to contact your local post office.

If you need the item urgently, do contact me for express shipping rates.


  • How often do you mail out items?

I will do mailing once a week. Do look out for updates on my social media channels.


  • What is your order process like?

Once I have received your order, I will begin packaging the pins and preparing them for shipment.

I take pictures of every package at the mailbox before I send it out. If you would like picture proof that I have sent out your order, please drop me a message and I will send it to you.


  • What are pin grades?

I split my pins into three levels of quality with differing prices.

Collector's Grade - Good for people who like to collect pins! Great display pieces free of any major defects but may contain tiny superficial ones.

Jacket-Ready - Meant for people who would like to wear their pins. These pins have no major visual defects but may have stray glitter pieces or minimal light dents in the enamel/epoxy visible under angled light, light scratches and tiny dents.

B/C-Grades - For the budget collector. Major defects such as visible dents in the enamel, missing enamel, miscoloured enamel and deep scratches on the pin. Not for the fussy buyer but great for people on a budget.