About Us

Luna Orbits is dedicated to making fun, creative original and fan merchandise from popular culture. Based in Singapore, we make keychains, tote bags, stickers and more! You're sure to find something relatable for every day use or a fun piece of your favourite anime character!


Luna Orbits started as Illogical Pins in 2018, focusing on figure skating merchandise. In 2022, the business was rebranded to Liz Makes Merch and made multiple pop-up booth appearances in Singapore and abroad such as SMASH! Sydney, AFA SG, Doujima, Artcade and Cosfest. In August of 2023, Luna Orbits made its debut, expanding to original characters and wax sealing equipment.


Luna Orbits was named after the owner's dog Luna and the logo features her late dog Fergie. Luna Orbits aims to continue making the same fun merchandise that is beloved worldwide in various fan communities. Thank you for supporting us!


Luna Orbits is ACRA registered! (UEN: 201715670E)