Due to the recent changes in custom taxes, I am unable to accept payments for products on my store at this time. While I am able to ship to the UK and EU without a VAT or IOSS number, the buyer - you, might be subject to extremely expensive customs handling charges. Hence, to avoid you paying a frankly insane amount of shipping and customs fees, I have decided to reopen my Etsy store for customers from the EU and the UK.



Visit my Etsy store here!


As far as possible, I try to keep the listings on this website and Etsy similar. However, not all listings have made it to Etsy or you may find that certain products on Etsy may be out of stock. As such, you may drop me a message to inquire about the availability of certain products or - you may make your order here and pay on Etsy. This is a rather tedious method but if you would like to use it, I have included the steps here:

  1. Checkout on
  2. Select the Pay on Etsy payment method (this method does not require to input your payment details, you have not paid for the order yet)
  3. Confirm the order and receive a tracking number (#XXXX)
  4. Head on to the Illogical Pins Etsy Shop
  5. Select Custom Order (left-hand column)
  6. Follow the steps to create custom order, include order number in your message to me
  7. Wait for my reply, pay on Etsy


Do note that you have 12 hours from your order on the website to take the following actions to pay on Etsy.


Again, I apologise for this hassle on the UK and EU customers. If you have any questions, please let me know!