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Need a tote?

Check out the iconic Milky Tote Bags from Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and Jujustu Kaisen! Each bag is sturdy enough to carry a laptop and your everyday items.

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Mix & Match Keychains!

Add a little bit of fandom flair with keychains of your fav husbandos or waifus. Or... maybe you're looking for unhinged cats? All $6 acrylic keychains (except blind bags) are eligible!

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fandom but make it classy

Original Genshin Wax Sealing Stamps

For the stationery enthusiasts! Our wax stamps are proudly designed in-house for nerdy (and unhinged) usage. Shop from our range of affordable wax sealing supplies, sourced and curated by a hardcore enthusiast.

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